Cancellation Policy

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Our cancellation policy allows for a full refund if cancellation occurs up to 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival. However, please note that the purchase of travel insurance is non-refundable.

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Pet Policy

What is the pet policy?

Pets are not permitted for vacation rental guests at our resorts, as mandated by the Homeowners Association (HOA). However, ADA service animals trained to perform tasks directly related to a person’s disability are allowed. Emotional support or comfort animals providing a service not directly related to a person’s disability are prohibited.

Are Service Animals Permitted?

It is our pleasure to accommodate guests with disabilities and their trained service animal.


We simply require answers to the following questions legally allowed by the ADA regarding your service animal.

  1. Is the service animal required because of a disability?
  2. What work or task has the service animal been trained to perform?


With your permission, we would also like to share with the resort staff when a guest is staying in one of our condos with a Service Animal so questions do not arise during your stay.


There are not any extra charges for a service animal, nor do we increase the security deposit. However, guests remain liable for any and all damage caused by people or the service animal.


Under the ADA, service animals must be harnessed, leashed or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal or other effective controls. The animal must be under control by the handler at all times  and not left alone at the house at any time.


Falsely claiming a pet is a service animal is damaging to people who need the assistance of real service dogs. It is also illegal in numerous states to falsely claim an animal that is only a pet is a service animal. In Florida, falsely claiming a pet as a service animal is a second-degree misdemeanor under § 413.08(9), Fla. Stat. (2023).


If we discover a guest has misrepresented a pet as a service animal, we reserve the right to seek financial restitution, report fraudulent claims to government authorities and to evict the guest(s) without further notice.  In the latter case, there will be no right to a refund for unused rent.


An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is not considered a service animal under the ADA and Florida Law and is prohibited at the resorts.

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Check in and check out times

What is the check-in and checkout time?

Check-in time is at 4:00 PM, and checkout time is at 10:00 AM.

Is it possible to get an early check-in?

Early check-in is a possibility, although we cannot guarantee it in advance due to various factors such as departing guests, last-minute arrivals, and maintenance issues. However, we strive to accommodate early arrivals whenever possible. We regularly communicate with guests via email throughout the day to notify them when a property is ready for check-in before 4:00 PM, at no additional cost. Therefore, we advise guests to keep an eye on their email on the day of arrival.

Is a late checkout available for a fee?

Unfortunately, late checkout is not available. Our housekeeper schedules are planned days in advance to ensure that our properties are prepared for the next guests in a timely manner. Therefore, we are unable to accommodate late checkouts. We appreciate your understanding.

Do I need to stop somewhere and pick up a key?

No, you don't need to stop anywhere to pick up a key. Check-in is done via keypad at your rental property, and we will provide you with your unique access code approximately 14 days prior to your arrival. This means you can go straight to your rental without any additional stops, making your check-in process smooth and convenient.


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What is the difference between standard Travel Insurance and the Cancel for Any Reason option?

Coastal Vibe Vacations, LLC offers travel insurance options to our guests, each designed to cater to different needs. Here's a breakdown of the two options:


Standard Travel Insurance:


Provides coverage for personal risks and expenses incidental to planned travel.

Coverage includes:

Interruption, delay, or cancellation of a Planned Covered Trip.

Loss of or damage to baggage, luggage, or personal effects during a Planned Covered Trip or Event.

Damage to accommodations or rental vehicles.

Injury, illness, accident, disability, or death occurring during a Planned Covered Trip.

Cost: 7% of the trip cost.

Coverage is available to all guests when the rental deposit is paid. However, coverage is only in effect when we have received your premium payment.

Certain exclusions and limitations may apply if not purchased at the time of booking.


Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection (CFAR):


This is an upgrade option available for those seeking greater flexibility and coverage.

In addition to the coverage provided by standard travel insurance, CFAR offers the ability to cancel your trip for any reason not otherwise covered by the standard policy.

Cost: An additional 3.8% of the trip cost, totaling 10.8% of the trip cost.

Coverage is available when the rental deposit is paid, but like standard travel insurance, coverage is only in effect when we have received your premium payment.

It's essential to note that certain exclusions and limitations may apply, especially if CFAR is not purchased at the time of booking.

Both options provide valuable protection for your trip, but CFAR offers added flexibility and peace of mind, albeit at a slightly higher cost. We recommend reviewing your travel plans and needs carefully to determine which option best suits your requirements.


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Starter Supplies

What starter supplies are included?

To ensure your convenience upon arrival, we provide starter supplies for your stay. These include:

  • Toiletries:
    • Soap for each sink/shower
  • Paper Products:
    • 2 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom
    • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • Laundry and Dishwasher Essentials:
    • 2 laundry pods
    • 2 dishwasher pods
  • Kitchen Essentials:
    • A sponge for the kitchen sink
    • 5 kitchen trash bags
    • 2 small trash bags for each bathroom

These starter supplies are meant to cover your immediate needs, sparing you from rushing to the store upon arrival. However, we recommend packing additional items from home and bringing kitchen consumables such as spices, ziplock bags, aluminum foil, coffee, etc., as these are not provided.

Please note that beach towels are not included, so we recommend bringing your own. Bath towels and bed linens, however, are provided for your convenience.

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Pool and Beach Towels

Do we need to bring pool and beach towels?

Yes, you will need to bring your own pool and beach towels for your stay. While we do provide bath towels in the condo for your convenience, pool and beach towels are not included. We recommend packing your favorite towels to ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable time by the pool or beach as our white bath towels should not be removed from the condos. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help make your stay as pleasant as possible!


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